As part of the yearly Sustainability Week, the heating was turned down to 16°C in most University buildings in Leiden and The Hague. This was to raise awareness on how much energy in the form of heat we waste by heating our buildings up to a higher temperature than needed.

Thanks to the buildings that participated:

🌱 Gorlaeus Lecturehall
🌱 Gravensteen
🌱 Johan Huizinga
🌱 Kamerling Onnes Gebouw
🌱 Lipsius
🌱 Matthias de Vrieshof
🌱 Oude UB
🌱 P.J. Veth
🌱 P.N. van Eyckhof
🌱 Reuvens 2
🌱 Schouwburgstraat
🌱 Student Centre Plexus
🌱 University Sports Centre
🌱 Van Wijkplaats
🌱 Wijnhaven

Winner of the ‘Warm Sweater Day’-sweater of the Leiden University shop!