It is time for action. A clear message from Extinction Rebellion, during the opening speech of this year’s Sustainability Week! They spoke about the facts and figures around climate change and how urgent the need for action is. On that same day we asked you, while going around campus with the Tree of Resolutions, what you would personally like to do to live a more sustainable life. A lot of the resolutions you wrote down were related to either food or plastic consumption, which is something we will definitely take into account for our future themes and events. This was also one of the days dedicated to eating less meat and more plants. We hope you discovered some new recipes and products.

For those in need of a little more inspiration, there were other opportunities to familiarize yourself with the plant-based kitchen at our other events. There were three events organized in close collaboration with other sustainability initiators: Duurzaamuiteten, DuKo, Conscious Kitchen and Jeroen Schrama. Each of them had their own way of showing how we can consume food a bit more sustainably through tours, talks and workshops. If you are interested to read more about the workshop by Jeroen Schrama, you can read this article from the Leidener

A week full of sustainable events would not have been complete without a little action at the university itself. Many university buildings in Leiden and The Hague participated in the Warm Sweater Day, which saved large amounts of energy normally used for heating the buildings. We hope the sunny weather, hot chocolate and your warm sweaters got you through the day!

Thank you so much for your interest and participation in the events!